The Bermuda Triangle, A Dinner Mystery Theater on January 19, 2018 at 1929 Bayview Ave in Toronto

The Bermuda Triangle

Dinner Mystery Theater


If you live in the Toronto area this is for you!


Mark your calendars for January 19, 2018 for this perfect way to shrug off the January blues and do it at the very affordable price of just $25!


You’re invited!


A dinner mystery evening filled with lots of fun, laughter, and pure excitement!


On January 19 Author Donna Jodhan and her friends in collaboration with the CNIB and others invite you to share an evening that promises to be filled with lots of surprises and full audience participation but most of all! A sizzling mystery that will keep you at the edge of your seat until the very end and even beyond!


We’ll kick off the evening with a delicious dinner followed by our main event!  Come and see how the Canadian Justice system deals with it all!  You’ll even have an opportunity to have your say!


The Bermuda Triangle written and produced by Author Donna Jodhan is a fictional satire that promises to keep you talking for quite some time.  3 suspects have all pleaded guilty to a crime which in itself is quite unusual!  Even more unusual is that you the audience will have an opportunity to pronounce sentence on the guilty suspect!


See why this mystery has been named the Bermuda Triangle and help solve this weird entanglement!


You’ll also have a chance to participate in a great game show and win some delightful door prizes along the way!  And who knows what else may be in store for you!


In the meantime, circle this date on your calendar!

Date – Friday January 19, 2018

Time – 6:00 pm

Location – 1929 Bayview Ave


It’s not too early to purchase your tickets, it’s a matter of first come first served!


Dinner will be a choice of either pizza and a salad or chicken wings and a salad.


Dessert will be a surprise and drinks will include tea, coffee, and other beverages.


If you wish to attend both dinner and mystery evening then you can Purchase online by going to http://cannib.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=100281&view=Detail


and you can register your choice of dinner by contacting Lynda Spinney either via email at lspinney@rogers.com or give her a call at 416 456 7117.


If you prefer to purchase offline then please contact Lynda Spinney either at lspinney@rogers.com Or give her a call at 416 456 7117 and let her know what your dinner choice will be.


Due to high demand both Lynda Spinney and Kamini Rodhan will also be in the cafeteria at the CNIB’s offices at 1929 Bayview Avenue during the week of Jan 08 and Jan 15 to accept your payments.


For further details you can call either Lynda at 416 456 7117 or email her at lspinney@rogers.com .  Or you can call Kamini at  416-270-6047 or email her at kaminirodhan@yahoo.ca .


Author Donna will use part of the proceeds from this event to help send a child to one of the CNIB’s programs and in addition she will  use funds to continue her dinner mystery evenings.


Author Donna and her team thanks the many sponsors who have so generously contributed and a special thanks goes out to our volunteers.


Author Donna Jodhan and friends  look forward to seeing you on January 19, 2018



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