I couldn’t agree more.

Life After Sight

Who do you say I am?
When you see my white cane, do you see blindness and want to run away?
Do you feel sad and wonder how you would cope if that one who can’t see were you?

Interesting, blindness is the most feared disability in America.  It is considered severe, because it impacts the three basic areas of living:  Mobility, communication and daily living.  It is also one of the most compensible of disabling conditions.  If we can hear, touch or smell it, we can do it.  For example, if I come to a flight of stairs, my cane lets me know and I simply walk up or down them; much more difficult for someone on crutches; impossible for a person in a wheelchair.

Do you think of people who are blind as unable to marry and have children?  Many do both.  If we don’t marry, it might…

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