Victory in prospect for Peru’s Kichwa People after 40 years of oil pollution

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A young Kichwa girl at blockade, photo by David Hill. A young Kichwa girl at blockade, photo by David Hill.

David Hill, The Ecologist, Feb 10, 2015

A month-long blockade of the Rio Tigre deep in the Peruvian Amazon has secured promises of compensation and cleanup for Peru’s Kichwa communities who have suffered 40 years of contaminated waters from oil drilling operations in their remote Amazon region. But until the funds materialize, they are holding firm in their resolve.

Hundreds of of Kichwa indigenous people living along the River Tigre in the remote Peruvian Amazon are demanding over 100 million Peruvian nuevo soles ($32 million / £21 million) from oil company Pluspetrol in the “environmental damages” they have sustained over 40 years of oil drilling.

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