More Guns, Less Drugs

I remain amazed at the thought process that leads to a society bent on adding more guns as a remedy to gun violence, while still believing that by closely monitoring Doctors, borders and our neighbourhood drug dealers they’ll be able to reduce the number and amounts of drugs on our streets.  In my opinion neither of those proposed strategies will fix either of the problems.  I believe there are far too many guns in America, so adding some to the hands of teachers is ridiculous, and I believe addiction won’t be solved by removing drugs from our streets.  Other countries in the world have resolved, or at least dramatically reduced the impacts of these two problems in many places, and we will only solve them in our Cities and Towns if we pay attention to those successes.  More guns to solve a gun violence problem, and fewer drugs to resolve addictions issues haven’t worked to date, and the notion that it’ll start to work any time soon is crazy thinking.


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